Saturday, 15 March 2014

It's So Amazing! by Robie H. Harris, illustrated by Michael Emberley and What's Happening To Me? by Peter Mayle, illustrated by Arthur Robins.

My twelve year old got the "sex talk" in school the other day. I had forgotten it was coming up and it was only when he said that his class were outside for a lot of the day, that I was reminded. Apparently its common for boys to find the whole thing makes them queasy (hence all the fresh air) and the majority of his class were no exception. But he said he was okay, there was nothing he didn't know already. Was any of it worrying though? Well, one bit. The boys were told that childhood is now coming to an end and it was time to learn to shoulder some responsibility. That was bit worrying. Well, I could understand him perfectly. I still feel like that sometimes! We agreed that the end of childhood can be postponed for a while. There's no rush, after all.
Anyways, I think one of the reasons the day went well for him was that we have had this book lying around the house for a while.
It's So Amazing! is a book about the facts of life. There are two main characters, a bird and a bee.The bird is curious and open and the bee is embarrassed and self conscious.
But they do talk about it, and throughout the book, in cartoon strip style, explain how babies are made,
how we all change as we get older,

 the differences and similarities between boys and girls, 
the many shapes of families can take,

and much, much more.

I discovered this book on Mrs Little, one of  my favourite book blogs. I've bought many books she mentions, and never been disappointed. She also reviewed What's Happening To Me? (its important to say that with a break in your voice, we all do.) which is about puberty. It's not as comprehensive as It's So Amazing! but the illustrations are very funny and will definitely bring a smile to any worried face.
This is why my youngest calls it "the boob book."

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