Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Wheel on the School and The Winter Palace and a pretty good clock for teaching the time

I was trying to reduce my eleven year olds time on Youtube yesterday when I thought of this book.
I bought it last Christmas for his older brother and it has remained unloved on a shelf ever since. Two chapters, I said. Just read two chapters and if you hate it, I won't ask again. But there was absolutely no other way to gain access to my laptop. So off he went, with surprisingly little moaning. 

And as you can imagine, I wouldn't have even started writing this if he didn't like it. He did though. I was so pleased. Written in 1954 and based in the authors native Holland, its a lovely story about kids who don't have computers. For ages ten to twelve. 

Beside it on his bedside table is this wall clock (yet to be nailed to a wall.) 

Its part of Lidls' current 4th of July Special Offer, but its also a great clock if you have anyone in the house who isn't always quite sure of how to read the time. Plain, and all the numbers are there.  I should have put it beside the book in the photo to show its size, as its not huge (about the same height as a big paperback) and a nice colour for a boys bedroom. Anyways, who goes into Lidl without coming out with something? It was €6.99.

And this is what I got in the library today. The Winter Palace by Eva Stachniak.

Chosen in a hurry, like everything when I have my three year old with me, its pretty good. So far I'd say if you like Tracy Chevalier and Phillipa Gregory, you'll like this. I do.

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