Friday, 5 September 2014

Learning Resources Mini Motors Counters

I know I've mentioned these before, but just wanted to do an update to say that they are still being played with and still really lovely.  (I ordered them last Christmas from for my then three year old. Even though they were sent from the States there was no import tax/duty and the postage was fine - about €6. I'm in Ireland so I pay at least that for most things I order from the UK.) Anyway, almost a year later and we are only missing one blue boat.

Now I know our little vehicles (fire engine, car, bus, boat, plane) are pretty boyish but I had a look on Amazon and Learning Resources also do Muffins,(very sweet, very girly) Bugs,(caterpillars, dragonflies, spiders) and Farm Animals (Sheep, lambs, ducks, ducking, cows calves, mother bunny, baby bunny- very, very cute.)

So, great things about these little rubbery counters/figures; they're cute, they're actually used, they're very neat and easy to store, they're not transformers and if a little person asks you to play with them too, they're surprising therapeutic to organise. (I love reading to my kids but "playing" is not my favourite thing.) These though, these I like. Oh and actually, the whole point of them (hence the name of the brand - Learning Resources) is that the are meant to aid learning how to count, categorise, and identify colours. They do all that too.

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