Sunday, 30 August 2015

a bookI loved on holidays even though it was falling apart. Euphoria by Lily King

Theres a fifteenth century building (at least part of it is fifteenth century) on the campsite we stay at, and it houses an old television and a few bookshelves where, back in the day, people would leave books they had finished with. My kids used it as a place to escape the heat while they charged up phones and I used it to leave my books for anyone who might not have a kindle with them. Which was no one as far as I could see. In fact, by the end of the holiday I was wishing I had one myself. Running out of stuff to read is a disaster. Especially if all I could find on the shelves were Ken Follett in Dutch and books I had left there last year!
Anyways, when I started Euphoria, I had a week to go, so I had to make it last. The minute I started I know I would love it so forced myself to put it aside for a few days. Sadly, I put it aside outside, just before a thunderstorm and it got SOAKED. I spent a few hours peeling the pages apart before giving up and leaving it in the sun to dry, hoping for the best. It recovered and I spent my last few days really enjoying it.

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