Saturday, 17 October 2015

Moonshot by Brian Floca

A few years ago we gave our train mad three year old nephew Locomotive for Christmas. It was the extra thing- a Playmobil pirate ship or something like that was the "main" present. I can remember him on the kitchen floor while his mother was checking on the turkey, engrossed in it. And numerous times since, his Dad has told us how much they all love the book. He liked the pirate ship but, like all "main"s, I don't think it lived up to the dreams we all have for them. Really, I'm over "main" presents. (apologies to all readers who find inverted commas used like that irritating. I don't mind it so much in print, but the fingers version does set my teeth on edge.)

So, I had always kept an eye out for more books by the same author. Brian Floca gets rave reviews everywhere and I have been dithering about Moonshot for a while. It was €18ish, (although it is now down €16ish!) so is definitely put away as a present for someone, but thankfully, it does look like it was worth it.

One of those picture books that has loads of information, so great for older kids too, this one explains how exactly the Americans got to the moon. Considering how many millions of moon themed books are out there for kids, I think this one is a must.

See any women? Nope, me neither. Oh well, it was 1969.

 This one is good for kids five to ten, and any read-aloud adult who loves really interesting non-fiction.

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