Friday, 22 November 2013

Origami Yoda by Tom Angleberger

I knew nothing about Origami Yoda when I bought it other than I loved the title. My eldest read it in two sessions (he was eleven) and I ended up reading it aloud to two of his younger brothers on holidays. They could not get enough of it.

Its written in the form of a report put together a group of  middle school children. With (fantastic!)doodles by some of them. I'm not in middle school but I think the characters are really well drawn, the kind of people that you find something familiar about. Mike was a favourite of mine because he simply could not stop himself bursting into tears when things didn't go his way in sports. Its such a typically embarrassing thing for slightly older kids and yet I've never seen it addressed before. (And I did it all the time!)

And there's Dwight, the origami master of the school, who, when he knocks a drink onto the floor, wipes it up with his t shirt. Without taking it off.

As the main narrator, Tommy says "Dwight never seems to do anything right." And yet, the Origami Yoda on his finger gives great advice? What gives? (as I think they say in the States.) Anyone who has ever been called a wierdo will love Dwight.

And theres Harvey, the person who would have called you a wierdo, but he is human too. Like I said, its a really good book. This is what the chapters look like.

And the next book; Darth Paper, which is just as good!

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