Monday, 11 August 2014

Books from our camping trip

 In the days before making friends, reading X Men Misfits and American Born Chinese.
 I read this on the Cork to Roscoff ferry and can think of  no better way to pass a long day.
 We get one of these Drawn and Quarterly Moomin books every holiday. Small, light, easy to pack and read by everyone.
 I LOVED this. Pride and Predjudice from the servants point of view. Really brilliant. Remember how Elizabeth liked tramping through the mud without a care about  her appearance? Well in this book we hear from those who had to clean those boots. And didn't really think it was such a charming habit.
 I think this might have been the best kids book I bought with us. I think all three older boys(13, 11, 8) read it twice. Well, maybe joint first prize with The Great Brain, a lot of which I read aloud with a torch when everyone was tucked into their sleeping bags. Highly, highly recommended.
This was a nice poolside read, for those into American fiction. I had a few very enjoyable sunny days in its company as did another mum at the campsite. Its really nice when you pass a book along to then see it being read day after day on a sun lounger.

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