Sunday, 17 August 2014

Sticker books and school books

I don't cover school books anymore. I did try once, using the see-through sticky stuff, but managed just a few workbooks and gave up. Life was too short. I do put on labels though and spent today sitting on the kitchen floor putting white labels on each book, writing the child's name and class on it and then adding a batman sticker. Make sense?
Ok, the way I see it, for the first few years of school, the books go in on the first day and usually stay in a pile in the middle of the table for the rest of the year. The kids then use them throughout the day and learn(hopefully) to put them back neatly in the pile so they can be found again the next day. Now for the first year or two the kids may or may not recognize their name label so, as each book looks the same I thought of putting a sticker on, so my guys could find theirs easily. I should add that I have absolutely no idea if this works as my kids come home from school and tell me NOTHING but anyway, I think its a great idea. Also, it doesn't cost much as there is always in my house, an abandoned sticker book around, like the batman one above. Maybe this is just in boys houses though? Maybe girls actually complete sticker books?

However, having said that, when I was rooting around for the batman one today, I found these two.
Now the stickers in the Sticker Dressing books will never be left over to be used on school books. Even in houses only populated by boys. I got these two to bring on holidays, and they were fantastic, especially the Knights one. Actually, I think it was the success of this one that led to many more boy themed ones. They are informative and easy to use and interesting enough that they will be completed. What higher praise can a sticker book get? 

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