Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Our house, this morning.

This made a very pleasant thump on our hall floor this morning. A gift from me to me.

And upstairs, to deflect attention from his debatable sore throat, my nine year old is reading this.
Some people will do anything to get a day off school.

On other bedside tables...I've just finished The Rosie Effect. I loved it. It's funny and heart warming and clever. The only problem with it is that I kept worrying whether characters like Don - a lovely, Aspergers-ish man would, in the real world, have such kind friends? I felt the same when I read Wonder, which my thirteen year old is studying in school. Would a ten year old boy with an extremely deformed face find friends his own age who can see past it to the fantastic personality underneath? 

Anyways, I do hope this things happen in reality and not just in these (highly recommended) books.

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