Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Leif the Lucky by Ingri and Edgar Parin D'Aulaire

This is a read-aloud-over-two-nights book. Another adventure (like Calico, we are on an adventure roll here), it's the story of Leif, son of Erik the Red, who discovered Greenland. It's a rollicking tale (really, it actually is!) of sea voyages, hot tempers, banquets and battles. For ages four and up to read aloud, and six or seven for reading alone.

All the D'Aulaires books are wonderful - but if you are looking for a beautiful present- get Greek Myths and Norse Myths. They are masterpieces.

P.s. This is an American published book - which I bought from the American Amazon site (no more expensive than here, but it wasn't available on any European sites) and it is about Leif's landing in the States. I did wonder whether I should be buying kids books on Irish history, seeing as that is where we live, but then noticed that in my sons (Irish) First Class workbook, there is a section on Leif - which gave me the perfect excuse to buy.

P.p.s. Cartoon Salon, who were recently nominated for an Oscar for their animated film Song of the Sea, have illustrated a funny and information book about Irish history The Story of Ireland. Its great!

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