Friday, 1 January 2016

Make Me a Cake! - a really very bearable small kids game

Just a wild guess, but I'm assuming this game - Make me a Cake! is marketed for girls. Which means I can't really risk giving it as a birthday present for a five year old boy. Even though it is PERFECT for five year old boys. I know, as I have been playing it on repeat with my own one.
Just flick the spinner (this game is very solid. It's going to last. Nothing irritates me more than a flimsy spinner.) and take what it tells you. A big tier, some icing, a topper - it doesn't matter, they all look great. And make your cake.
Once its finished, measure the cake and collect some rosettes. After about fifteen minutes, you have a winner. And honestly, its one of those rare games where kids enjoy the playing enough so winning doesn't really matter. For ages three to six or seven.

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