Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Winter specials - Professor Astrocat, All About Theatre, Twelve Kinds of Ice

Professor Astrocat's Frontiers of Space was a Santa present for my ten year old. Its not only extremely cool looking and pinterest worthy, he loves it. Definitely worth the €16.50, its packed full of easy to read info. I can see us digging into this for a few years to come. For ages seven or eight to adult.
Equally lovely looking, All About Theatre was a library order. For anyone interested in drama, its pretty fantastic. Yes it has lots of mentions of Benedict Cumberbatch, but also, loads about stuff other than acting. So interesting and amazing value. Its only €16.88! Warning though, it will definitely have you checking flights to London and tickets to the National Theatre.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Johnny Lee Miller!

A small and stunning hardback - poetry and art and perfect for this time of year. Twelve Kinds of Ice is exactly what it says - a description of all the stages of ice in a (I think) New England winter. I've just noticed its also available in paperback too. Its one of those books that my might seem a bit young for a ten or twelve year old, but it isn't. Its a keeper and should, if possible, be read aloud. With wonderful, wonderful illustrations.

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