Saturday, 23 January 2016

Good Masters, Sweet Ladies, Voices From a Medieval Village by Laura Amy Schlitz

When I first read about this book I thought hmmm, very worthy but will we read it? And then I hummed and hawed a bit, read the Amazon reviews and finally pressed add to cart. Or maybe buy now? Anyways, unlike a lot of recent online purchases, I didn't immediately reseal it in its packaging with a returns form when it arrived. I thought WOW, what a GREAT book.
Good Masters, Sweet Ladies was written by a teacher, for her class of children aged around twelve. Maybe a little older, (I get a bit mixed up with American grades and middle schools etc but they were of an age where learning a short speech was doable). And that is what this book is, a book of dramatic speeches for older kids/young adults - as part of a learning module on medieval times.
Like all the best books, it starts with a map. This is the Manor, where all the characters live. 

And next comes their voices.

I'm just showing details but you can see the font size and the lovely little illustrations. (Characters represented in the book are both male and female, rich and poor - I've just looked at my pictures and realise they don't make this obvious.)

There's a few pages for each person and it is a FANTASTIC read-aloud. So different and interesting and full of great detail that you just know young readers will love. Its obvious it was written by someone who was not afraid of intensive research and had spent a lot of time listening to young people.

A must for any classroom, and every home.

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