Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Christina Katerina & THE BOX by Patricia Lee Gauch, illustrated by Doris Burns.

I saw this book years ago, but because it had a girls name in the title, thought for some daft reason, my boys wouldn't like it. I was so wrong! SO wrong.
Christina Katerina's mother gets a new fridge. And Christina Katerina gets the box. Look what she does with it. (I reviewed Doris Burns books Andrew Henry's Meadow here, and her illustrations in this book are just as detailed and lovely.)

Isn't it lovely? And every time her mother thinks Christina Katerina has stopped playing with the box, and tries to throw it away, the little girl finds another use for it. (I mean I know we all want our kids to be creative - but the mess does sometimes get irritating, right?) 

Until here, where her mother asks if she has finally finished. By now the box has disintegrated into mud. Christina Katerina runs by and says..
"Oh,you mean that old ragged box? Lets do throw it away."

As well as great illustrations, this book is beautifully written. I'm not surprised its been in print since 1971. Perfect for girls and boys ages three to seven.

Ideally, have an empty box in the house before you read it though, because you'll definitely need one.

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