Monday, 13 October 2014

Gerry Hunt - Blood Upon The Rose, At War With The Empire and 1913 Larkin's Labour War

I've  no idea why I haven't blogged about Gerry Hunts historical graphic novels before. We've had Blood Upon The Rose, the story of Easter 1916, since it was published in 2009. That was such a success that when At War With The Empire, the follow up came out, I ordered it straightaway. It was a no-brainer - my eldest son loved graphic novels and flew through them. And these books explained (in colourful detail) Irish history that he needed to know about, for school and for life.
This latest one, 1913 Larkin's Labour War which I found in the library last week is his favourite of the lot. He's thirteen now and not exactly chatty, so I couldn't find out exactly why he liked it so much. "Really, really good." was as much as I could get out of him.

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