Saturday, 28 March 2015

Perfect Easter books

If you order this today, you'll have it on time for Easter. (the one I  linked to is even nicer than mine - it is hard cover and has a special little badge with it.) First published in 1939 by the co-creator of  the opera Porgy and Bess, it is the story of an ordinary little rabbit, who dreams of becoming one of the revered Easter Bunnies.

There's a fair amount of text so I suppose its not ideal for toddlers, but for kids four and up, its the PERFECT Easter present. I should have shown more illustrations - they are so, so pretty.

Also nice for Easter is Animalia. At least that was my excuse to buy it. (It was highly recommended by Danzel too, which is a very good thing.)

Its an alphabet book with a massive amount of detail in the illustrations. I know my kids will love it. (as they loved The Eleventh Hour, by the same author.)

And on my bedside table...
I've just started this: (great, as you would expect)

just finished this: (slow, but in a wonderful way.)

and just passed this onto my thirteen year old. (This series gets better and better and better. I LOVE Ross O'Carroll-Kelly!)

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