Tuesday, 31 March 2015

presents for a nerdy in a cool way twelve year old

My second eldest boy has his birthday today! This day twelve years ago I was sitting in early morning rush hour traffic breathing through my nose, gripping the dashboard and wondering if we were going to make it into hospital on time. Of course we did. We were on time for quite a few hours of labour (its never as quick as in the movies, is it?) and were back home by six o'clock, with our little dote strapped into his car seat.
(In retrospect, I'd recommend early release after having a baby to those who live in a five star hotel, not those with a one year old waiting at home, but anyway, we survived to tell the tale.)

Speaking of tales, this was in his birthday pile.
Triton of the Sea is by Manga master Osumu Tezuka and well, I haven't read it but the guy in the bookshop who only likes great stuff recommended it. It wasn't cheap but as it is nearly five hundred pages I think it was worth it.

And at the moment, the birthday boy and his brothers are watching this,
which was also part of the birthday haul. From what I can see from the kitchen, it is AMAZING. Beautiful, epic and with a fantastic score.

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