Sunday, 20 September 2015

Books for Junior Infant parties

My five year old started school a few weeks ago. Day one was fantastic, day two, he loved it! Day three we walked out the school gates with all his new friends and their parents. Well, I thought, we are going to get a LOT of party invitations. And this year I'm going to be prepared. An hour later there were two copies of Fortunately, and one each of Petunia and Katy No Pocket on their way to me. And, the following day I got a few two-for-a-euro birthday cards in Tiger. What a great start to the school year!

Of course, day three was different. "I hate school and I don't like those boys." he said loudly, pointed to the children coming out of the classroom beside him. Their mothers looked away, I pointlessly shushed him and we went home. To the delivery of the books! Kids eh?

So anyway, if you're in the market for presents for four to six year olds, these book come in at around €6 each. So for only €12, you get two really lovely, funny great books. These ones are definitely not girly but not too boyish either. We have all of them and they are in constant rotation. Now all I need are the invitations. Fingers crossed!

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