Tuesday, 22 September 2015

More books for teens and some for tweens

We were on th way to the orthodontist when my fourteen year old told me what happened in When You Reach Me. I had brought it so he would have something to read in the waiting room (and to find out if he had actually read it.)
"I've finished that." He said, and then told me the story. I was oh-my-god!-ing the whole way there. Highly recommended. On the bottom on this pile (only literally) is The Orange Mocha Chip Frappaccino Years, which is as funny as every other book in that series, and in the middle is What I Talk About When I Talk About Running, which he is reading at the moment.

On the same trip to the library, I got my younger guys From Up On Poppy Hill, a Japanese animated movie which was so, so lovely. And SO different to all the Pixars and Dreamworks we have been absorbing for years. They LOVED it. Because, I think, of the food (there's a lot of cooking in small kitchens with multiple, clever sliding doors), the beautifully drawn city - the characters walk and cycle everywhere, the humour and the wonderful story.
 And underneath, from the same part of the world are my twelve year olds beloved borrowed and re-borrowed Anima series.

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