Thursday, 14 April 2016

Nicholas again!

Sorry. I know I have gone on about the Nicholas series a few times but it has occurred to me that they are perfect for anyone looking for a series for ages eight to twelve, for those who have got stuck on Wimpy Kid or Big Nate or that other one they get stuck on whose name escapes me. Anyway, they are all great but sometimes kids do need a nudge. My ten and really twelve year old are reading Nicholas at the moment. Reading and swapping and hiding the next one so it is waiting for them when they finish what they are on.
Its a quarter past eight in the morning, this boy should be dressed!

That's homework on the table. Underneath the book.

I like this picture. One building, one reading. (Two more upstairs watching Youtube, sadly!)

I love them because they are a change from the middle school, surviving adolescence stuff. They are set in France, and from what my boys say, funny. Really, they are the perfect addition to any classroom or home library. 
Get them herehere or here.

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