Tuesday, 1 April 2014

books for the flight

We took a two hour flight with our kids last week. This is what I had in my carry-on bag.
These were really purchased for my three year old who I had a hunch I'd be stuck sitting beside, but my eight and ten year olds swapped them around too during that period when d.s.'s have to be switched off. And thankfully beyond it too. They are all getting  a bit older and the necessity of having sticker albums and occupying stuff on journeys isn't as vital as it used to be but still, a few previously unseen books come in very handy. Never underestimate the power of "new". 

Toilet, how it works is a good one, and all three who read it liked it. The title is pretty self explanatory and I got it really because of my youngests' constant questions from his perch in our downstairs bathroom. The diagrammy illustrations are a bit odd, see below..but my boys enjoyed them.
A person wearing crocs who is invisible except for guts, hands and glasses? Love the way the toilet paper is used up though!
You know you'll have to lift the lid off the tank after looking at this, right?

In the same series there's Eye: How it works, which, excuse the pun, I like the look of too.

Arthurs Halloween is I know, not appropriate for this time of year but in our house scary stuff is always popular and Halloween is still a cause for more excitement than Christmas. My youngest loved this one. Its a fairly predictable story but Arthur and his sister D.W. are really very likeable. And I always love illustrations of messy houses. 
The Big Orange Splot is a 1970's classic that I had never heard of until I saw it mentioned in What do we do all day, a lovely kids blog.
Its about a row of houses all the same, and the people who live in them, who like it that way. Until one day a seagull drops a pot of orange paint on the roof of Mr Plumbeans house.

Somehow, when he goes to clean it off, he can't bring himself to do it, and ends up decorating his house with his dreams.
You can imagine what the neighbours thought. 

One by one they all visit Mr Plumbean to change his mind and paint it plain again and one by one they leave, their minds expanded in a very 1970's way. A groovy story which will definitely be on steady rotation here.

Owl At Home is more of a read in bed than a read on a plane book. That's not to say it wasn't wonderful, it was and also my favourite of them all. But it really deserves a blog post of its own. I'll get that done over the next few days and thank you everyone, for checking in and reading this blog.


  1. We love Owl at Home! I read that with my oldest's first grade class last year, and it was one of the first readers of that level she read on her own. We enjoyed The Big Orange Spot, too! I think I heard about it at Pen Pals & Picture Books, and found it at the library soon after that. It was fun! I am intrigued by the toilet book...

  2. Yeah, the toilet one was good - might come in handy for school projects on plumbing, if they ever arise! I love Pen Pals and Pictures Books too.