Saturday, 12 April 2014

Presents for an eleven year old. Perplexus and Here Comes Science.

Velocity is speed and direction. I know this (and quite a lot more) thanks to John and John of They Might Be Giants. I mentioned their album Here Come The 123's after Christmas here and should add that it is still listened to regularly. Well, my second eldest turned eleven a few weeks ago and Here Comes Science was in his pile. Danzel of Silver Shoes and Rabbit Holes had mentioned it to me and I'm so glad I took note.
If you are at home these Easter holidays with kids who mooch around the kitchen claiming there is nothing (nothing!) to do other than Xbox or Playstation or Nintendo ds, stick this cd on. (It is of course available in in more modern formats but if you get the old fashioned cd, you also get a dvd with the songs plus their videos, which are great.) If nothing else I guarantee they will shut up for a little while. There's also a good chance this blessed silence will be following by singing.

We also got him this.

Called Perplexus, its a puzzley thing that I got on It cost about €30 including shipping and I had to get it sent to a Northern Irish Parcel Motel Address as the seller wouldn't post to The Republic. Needless to say I read quite a few reviews before buying and found it received glowing notices on every kid blog out there. Erica on What Do We Do All Day pointed out that as it is 3D, it's the opposite of screentime. That sold me, making the rainy trip up the Parcel Motel where it got stuck in the post box and I had to enter our code about ten times as the rain did something to the touch screen, worth it.

And they have all played with it. As have I, actually. It's not too easy, which is a good thing and if it hasn't gathered dust by the end of the Easter break then I will consider it a success. So far, all activity indicates this will be the case.

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