Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Ugly Egg by Lou Kuenzler, illustrated by David Hitch

If you are planning on an egg hunt on Easter Sunday, this one would be nice to add to the mix. The Ugly Egg is one of those read it yourself books that also happens to be a lovely read aloud. The words just roll of the tongue.
So just right for an early reader, or someone younger. Even three is a great age for this one.
It's cold in the North Pole and Posy doesn't have any eggs to sit on to keep her warm. The Snow Goose isn't very sympathetic. 
"No eggs?" said the Snow Goose. "But this is a nest site. Everyone here has eggs!" 

But Posy does find an egg. It just happens not to be a Puffin egg. (Puffins only lay one egg a year, which is why Posy doesn't have one. And baby Puffins are called Pufflings, which is lovely.) 

Anyways, despite the jeering of the other birds and the cold wind, she sticks with the ugly egg until it hatches. And her loyalty and resolve is rewarded.

This has been read on and off in our house for the past six or seven years. I think its €3.66 well invested. 

P.s. The Book Depository can take up to a fortnight to deliver, so Amazon might be a better bet to order this one, just to guarantee getting it by Easter Sunday. Or even a book shop.

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