Sunday, 1 November 2015

Irelandopedia by Fatti and John Burke

  Just look at this cover..

isn't it a beauty?

Now I know the idea of  any encyclopedia is to discover new knowledge, and you can certainly do that with Irelandopedia. But what we found wonderful about this book was finding familiar facts and places.  
There's Clara Lara on the right, and Katie Taylor!

Priced at around €22, (the official retail price is €24.99 but I've seen it on special offer in both Dubray and Alan Hannas) this is a giant Maps style book about obviously, Ireland. Only I like it better. I do like the antiquey colours in Maps but they are a bit samey, page after page. In Irelandopedia, the colours are bright but not too bright and well, the illustrations are really, really lovely. 

And Father Ted!

With a double spread for each of our thirty two counties, there's literally something for everyone. Its pretty fabulous.  I'd recommend it for ages five to ten as its really a read-aloud or read-by-yourself book. 

And loads and loads more..

Such pretty endpapers. Look at that creamy pint.

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