Thursday, 5 November 2015

The Shepherd Boy by Kim Lewis

Every Monday, my five year old comes out of school with a heavy bag - its got his homework folder and a plastic envelope of three books borrowed from the school library, for us to read during the week. Theres a little form for me to sign to say we read them, with a space for smiley faces, so we can add if the books were enjoyed. This one got three smiles.
We used to have a copy of Floss, so I knew about Kim Lewis, but we had missed The Shepherd Boy. I think of copy of this, The Little Lamb, and maybe one of these would be a great present.

There's a bit of a shine on these pictures, sorry, but I think you can see how heart-warming they are. This is James, with his dad, a shepherd. He helps as much as he can -



and dipping.

I'm trying to think of a word I haven't used on this blog a million times - like lovely or wonderful or beautiful, but I can't.  Just look at that last picture, of little James and his Dad. Such a lovely, beautiful, wonderful book.

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