Monday, 17 November 2014

Astrid Lindgren and Ikea

When a Christmas Ikea catalogue came through my letterbox the other day, I picked it up piously thinking that it was far too early to think about decorating the house. After a quick browse on my way to the recycle bin though, I wanted to jump in the car and head for Finglas and buy...well I'm not sure what but get everything in my power to make my house look Swedish/Christmassy. My four year old decided it was his favourite "book" ever and after "reading" it many times, I dug Christmas in Noisy Village out from the back of my wardrobe(where it was really supposed to stay till December). We noticed quite a few similarities.

It is SUCH a lovely book, just perfect for four to six year olds.
Six children live in three farms in Noisy Village.

At Christmas, they bake ginger biscuits.

and celebrate with their families,

and each other.

They do a lot more too- gathering firewood, singing carols, decorating the tree - all wonderfully depicted in Ilon Wiklands illustrations. Its a book well worth getting - bearing in mind you will probably end up making ginger biscuits and making a trip to Ikea as a result.


  1. I'm stacking up on Scandinavian-style Christmasy books and craft and food ideas, to make up for the fact I don't get to go to our little Swedish Kansas town up north for their Lucia Fest this year. I was online putting books on hold after midnight last night! :)

  2. I know..I think either Ollies Ski Trip or The Tomten is next on my list.