Friday, 28 November 2014

The Animal Book by Steve Jenkins and Animalium by Jenny Broom and Katie Scott. AMAZING Animal Books for ages seven to adult.

I haven't had an in depth look at these books - they are hidden upstairs and I can't risk taking them out often. However, I have combed the reviews over past few weeks and am very, very happy with both of them. They're big and not the cheapest (although Animalium was only £11 on Amazon for some crazy reason. The Animal Book was just under €19.) I see my nine and eleven year old's with these two tomes, sitting up in bed relaxing on extra pillows nicked from my bed, whiling away the hours in January.

(I know The Animal Book looks small here - its not - its a big, glossy annual sized hardcover - its just that Animalium is enormous. I LOVE oversized books.)

Steven Jenkins animal books are very popular - we've given Actual Size as a birthday present a few times. His beautiful, collagey illustrations and accurate and interesting animal facts are the reason his books sell so well and probably the reason for this production of this tome. Its easy to read and fascinating and lovely. Did you know lobsters can live for one hundred years? I didn't.

Animalium is laid out in sections - like rooms in a museum, each featuring a different "branch in the tree of life." AMAZING illustrations, well written and massive, this book should have cost at the very least €30. 

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