Saturday, 15 November 2014

really nice boys clothes

I have four boys - and when they were born, as well as congratulations - I was also offered condolences. Oh no - another one!... You poor thing!... You won't get to go shopping!... among other nonsensical, silly notions. I could understand up to a point - I was indeed, during every pregnancy, eyeing up the beautiful little girls clothes available. However, that too was nonsense. For a start, boys are perfect and four boys even more so and for seconds - there are plenty of nice clothes for them out there. Sometimes you do have to look a bit harder, but they're there. I don't mean the skinny jeans and trendy scarves and fitted cardigans - I means soft, comfortable boys clothes in lovely colours that they voluntarily put on in the mornings.
I'll start with pyjamas -
I got these from Vaenait Baby who sell through They cost €8 to €10 per pair and come in a multitude of colours and patterns. 

They're posted from South Korea and I'd bet my bottom dollar they're made in a Gap or Old Navy factory - the shape is exactly the same - but with different labels. And a different price. Great quality, they wash well and the sizing is pretty small. My tall four year old wears age 8-9. (They are big on him - I could have gone down a size.)

Next is Boden, a saviour for mothers of boys, especially families of boys as everything lasts well and can be handed down from boy to boy.

Boden tops, pyjamas, and tracksuit bottoms are staples here. There's regular discounts but going online just after Christmas works well for me. Long sleeved t-shirty tops like those above are always well reduced.

I learnt about the Mango Outlet site on All Worn Out. Thery have great deals for kids and adults. I scored these shirts. Soft and lovely and sort of jackety with those patch pockets on the front, I love them. And more importantly, they are being worn.

Lastly, underpants. I ordered a set from Gap once for my youngest, really just to get up to €50 so I could get the free shipping, and I was a convert. They are softest, cosiest, best quality around. And there's 30% off everything in Gap at the moment (until Monday night)with a Grazia magazine code. 

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