Friday, 14 November 2014

Let's Make Some Great Art by Marion Deuchars

We have three copies of Let's Make Some Great Art. Found under the Christmas tree a few years ago, they were used for a while and then forgotten. And now found again. They're huge telephone directory size colouring books, made of paper that works great with crayons - and good for any age as long as they are interested in picking up a pencil. There's a lot more than colouring between the covers too - explanations about different styles of art, examples, bits about artists and clever and easy hints on drawing certain things. When my four year old comes home from playschool, full of beans and expecting my undivided attention - this books comes in very handy. It means I don't have to think at all. We can sit side by side and just see whats to do on the next page. Of course he is a bit young to follow the instructions and a lot of the pages are already done by his brothers, but that doesn't matter at all. I can see these books hanging around the house for a few more years - we'll get to all the pages eventually.

 Draw what this man is dreaming about.

 Make a turkey from a handprint.


 Draw what you can see through the keyhole.

What is he scared to look at?

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