Friday, 21 November 2014

Books for kids age seven and up who don't like pretty stuff

One glance at the Amazon look-inside thingy for Frankenstein Makes A Sandwich was all it took to prompt me to immediately order this. It can go in my four/nine/eleven year old's stocking. Funny, great rhyming verses with wierd and wonderful illustrations. All on the topic of monsters, ghouls and that kind of thing. Always popular in our house.

And then theres Poo

This isn't a toilet training book or a book that thinks its funny just to say "Poo". Written by Nicola Davies - a Zooologist - it explains, among other things, how much we can learn about animal from their waste. (ok, their poo.)
Its still humorous, but also interesting! And has pretty nice illustrations. I have Danzel at Silver Shoes and Rabbit Holes to thank for pointing me in Nicola Davies' direction - her books are great!


  1. Yay! Glad you're liking Nicola Davies. And we LOVED Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich. There's a second book, as well, called Frankenstein Takes the Cake. I like the first one better, but that one is funny, too.

    1. Well thanks a mil for the recommendation - my Mum used to teach Biology and I really want my boys to read a bit more than the usual animal books. Her latest one looks fab.