Sunday, 29 November 2015

Mamoko by Aleksandra Mizielinska and Daniel Mizielinski

When I opened Mamoko and found it was a board book, I was surprised. Oh, I thought, its a toddler book. However, I came to see why the thick pages were necessary - its a book for ages three to six but our library copy has needed them, its been read so many times. And rightly so, its fantastic and would be a great, great present for any boy or girl. And its big too, (I've put a 12" ruler in some of the photos), so will look respectably generous under the tree. Once I finish writing this I'll see about ordering a copy for my five year old nephew.
Page one and two introduce the characters. They each have their own journey to make to get to the town carnival. Choose whoever you like and find them on each page.

The double page spreads are like this.

Here is Magical Miss Chubb...
 Oh no! Her special box!

Will she ever find it again?

 How kind, Otto Trump returns it. But what is in it? 

I loved this little guy, his name is Daniel Daub. He is doing some shopping.

And here he is with his purchase..

What I've shown here is a tiny fraction of the illustrations. There's loads and loads to discover. And with some gentle humour too, which makes it all the better. Originally published in Poland, the authors went on to create the now huge selling Maps, but actually I prefer this. It's just great. 

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