Friday, 30 May 2014

Tomi Ungerer

We own this Crictor and got Adelaide from the library. Both are awesome. I'll start with Adelaide. 

Unusually, Adelaide the Kangaroo was born with wings. As a result, she wanted to use them. So one day she took off. That pilot, though initially surprised to see her, became a good friend.
In Paris, Adelaide decides to stay for a while. But is upset to find out that the taxi drivers ask to be paid! And she has no money.
 Anyways, she makes a friend who pays the fare and they see the sights. Here she is below at Notre Dame.
 She is a kind kangaroo and actually risks her life to save some children. She is injured,
 but makes a full recovery. 
 In the end, she finds love but it isn't the happy ending that makes this book a joy. Its the whole wonderful, funny, daft journey. We loved it.

Crictor is similar insofar is there is more lovely French houses and another brave animal with a warm heart.
He is delivered in a box.
 Initially, Madame Louise Bodot is frightened,
 but soon grows to love the Boa Constrictor.

 He helps teach her pupils their letters, and is a good friend.
 One day the pair hear that there is a thief in town. 
 And that night he targets their house!
 But Crictor saves the day.

Both books are keepers. For ages three to adult.