Thursday, 29 May 2014

Quick & Flupke books by Hergé

There are two of these Quick and Flupke volumes in our library and my eight year old really loves them. As well as that they're earmark-worthy as great birthday presents for his peers. (Good for the post-picture book crowd but also not tiny when wrapped!)

Created by Hergé (the author-illustrator of Tintin), the adventures of these two "street urchins from Brussels" are aimed at a slightly younger audience than fans of Tintin. And considering they were written between 1930 and 1940,(in the form of black and white comic strips in a Belgian magazine) its safe to say they have stood the test of time.
I've photographed Under Full Sail here. But Fasten Your Seatbelts is great too.

Theres not a huge amount of dialogue. But does that matter? No, it does not.

So there you go. Quick and Flupke.  Write it down. 

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