Saturday, 31 January 2015

Snap Circuits Jr

Snap Circuits Jr is definitely one of those toys that you want to tell your friends that your kids are playing with. (Which is exactly what I am doing here. Yikes!) Its just so educational and non-screeny and interesting.
A practical introduction to basic electronic circuits, it is actually pretty cool. Robust, easy to use, the separate pieces all click onto a board and if you follow the diagrams in the instruction booklet, you can make lights flash and alarms go off and more. If you have a child who enjoys following lego instructions, they will like this. If you have a child who likes fiddling with things (like your phone or computer), they will like this. But probably not break it!. 

Like it says on the box, from ages 8 to 108 is good for this one. Although I'd modify that by saying it will work fine from when a child can read confidently. Six and up probably.

P.s. The price of this on fluctuates a lot. I paid £20 sterling, but its now £27. So I'd put it in my basket and keep checking, the price will probably go down.

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