Friday, 23 January 2015

Sun Up, Sun Down by Jacqui Bailey and Matthew Lilly

This book came in the post yesterday. 

We don't see many sunsets here from our house Dublin - mainly because its usually pretty cloudy. And probably also because the windows were are all looking through at that time in the evening are computer and tv ones. Oh well. In the mornings though, when the sun is coming up, we do see the sky changing colour as we get out to school and its often lovely.

So anyway, this book explains all that the sun does, in crystal clear detail. Its perfect for small kids, because they are perceptive enough (possibly because they look around more - not being glued to screens quite yet) to notice shadow length and the colours in the sky. And great too for ages seven and up because this is exactly the type of thing they do projects on in school. And answers the type of questions the teacher might ask the class. (Its always nice to be the one who can put up their hand knowing they have the right answer!)

So, if your looking for something non-fiction and interesting and completely relevant, check it out. Its €6.62 well spent.

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