Sunday, 11 January 2015

Books for Super Mario nuts!

I've never understood the appeal of Mario - but anyway, that's neither here nor there. Is there a Nintendo ds owning child anywhere who hasn't played Super Smash Bros? Or Super Mario Bros. Or Super Mario 64? Or Super Mario 3DLand? God, the list goes on. As do the unimaginative  titles.
Anyway, Link is a Nintendo character, who appears in Super Smash Bros. And he is the leading man in these graphic novels. And in all the Princess Zelda Nintendo ds games. (I was initially pleasantly surprised when my nine year old requested the Zelda game for Christmas - assuming the title role was  played by a kick ass heroine. Sadly no. Zelda is a sweet princess who is rescued by Link. Over and over again.) On the plus side, Zelda has what my mother would have called an interesting face, which makes a change from Angelina types usual in video games.
So, he really loved these books, both of which are written from back to front, like traditional Japanese manga comics. It takes a little getting used to but he tells me, the effort was worth it. Other titles in the series include Majora's MaskOracle of Seasons, and Oracle of Ages.

P.s. The author Hakira Himekawa who is referred to as "he" in some Amazon reviews, is actually two women, A. Honda and S. Nagano - not their real names, which they choose not to reveal.

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