Friday, 30 January 2015

What I found under the bed

I was clearing out the  mountain of book under my kids beds this morning - this is what I found.
Percy the Parkkeeper. We love him. Who doesn't? These are such gentle, interesting stories and the detailed illustrations have been examined here until they have literally, fallen apart.
Our two books (and I think all Percy books) have pages that open out threefold. They've been sellotaped a few times!

And Beware of the Frog. Very funny and very silly.

and underneath that...The Giant Jam Sandwich. A classic with excellent rhyming text.

Ahhhh. The Napping House. Our version is a board book, but it comes in hardcover too. I read it first when I was babysitting in Boston in the '90's and was so glad to see it still in print now. Lovely for ages one to four.

And downstairs, my husband has been reading The Woman in White. Thank goodness he's finished as he didn't empty the dishwasher once while he was reading it. Unputdownable, apparently.

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