Saturday, 10 January 2015

Jabba the Puppett, Princess Labelmaker and Emperor Pickletine

These three came in very handy this week. My thirteen year old took quite a knock at a rugby match on Wednesday and while recovering in bed afterwards with three hot water bottles(three! It was such a cold day, and SO muddy!) and a bag of frozen peas, he read one of them. Then, the next morning he read another while we waited at the hospital for an x-ray. (Poor boy - he has a  fractured collar bone - the most common rugby injury.)

Anyway, he's currently on a steady diet of neurofen and netflix and reading nothing but the credits at then end of Father Ted episodes. But sure, there's a time for reading and a time for goofing off, and until he feels a lot better, he has my permission to stay on Craggy Island.

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