Thursday, 23 July 2015

Watery books for the ferry: Captain Cat by Inga Moore and Jacques Cousteau by Dan Yaccarino

 I bought these for the Ferry to France, but had to take them out last week. There will be plenty of distractions in our cabin (porthole! Kettle! (placed scarily close the the foot of the bunk!) Sachets of hot chocolate! Oh dear, I feel exhausted just thinking about it.) and we badly needed one on a long, cold, cloudy July day. We knew Inga Moore from our many readings of Six Dinner Sid, so I had pretty high hopes for this one. Which were easily met. Another important plus is that it is a big book, so would be perfectly presentable as a birthday present on its own. I'd say its just right for three to five year olds.
 Captain Cat had lots of cats. People think he's crazy, but he loves them.

 They set off on journey on their ship The Carlotta and come across a tiny island. There is the Queen, spotting them through her spyglass.

 She is delighted to have visitors and has never seen a cat before!

 Neither had all the rats who were stealing her food! That's their dead bodies above. Needless to say that page was a particular favourite.

The adventure continues but I'm not giving any of it away - its really a great story.

Another Watery One.  This is for the older picture book audience. Seven to ten would be perfect. As the title suggests, its the story, from soup to nuts, of Jacques Cousteau. Some illustrations look just pretty but you need to look closer - there's a lot in them. They're great!

As a little boy, he was swam a LOT. Having suffered bad injuries in a car accident - he was told he would have to wear arm braces forever - but his persistent swimming put paid to that. And by then he was hooked. (sorry, unintentional pun!)

He wanted to move around underwater though and it was difficult in the massive suits. So he and a friend designed the Aqua Lung. They could swim and breath and look around.

 They took photos and eventually, he started filming.

 Who doesn't think of Bill Murray when they see this picture?

 Look again, he's there! On the right, filming.

 Once he and his divers found some wine. It was over 2,000 years old, but they tried it. Sadly, it was quite bitter. Great book, we really liked it.

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