Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Flight of the Fire Thief by Terry Deary

My kids have just started their Summer holiday. Which means we are starting the annual Battle of The Screens. (who am I fooling? Its an ongoing battle, year round.)
"When can I go on the Xbox?"
"How long is he going to be on the ipad?"
"When is it my turn?"
"I can't stop, I'm almost at the end of the level!"
It is INFURIATING. But what can you do? Get them off every now and again, and point them towards the trampoline and the bookshelves, I suppose. At least that's what I do. I'm open to any other suggestions!

So, The Flight of the Fire Thief was picked up between screen turns and my nine year old was miraculously, immediately sucked in. As you can see, its by Terry Deary of Horrible History fame, so it is definitely well written. This one we have is book two in the series, there are three, but I can only find two - The Flight of the Fire Thief and three - The Fire Thief Fights Back on Book Depository. However, if  book one - The Fire Thief is out is print, I would be pretty sure its available in most libraries in Ireland and the UK, assuming that they would have ordered multiple copies of everything by the author. My guy hasn't read number one though, and he still loved this. Also, the books that are available come in a lovely hard cover format. I'd get them for any fan of Greek myths or Horrible Histories. For ages seven or eight and up.

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