Saturday, 15 February 2014

Pantone Colours

I got Pantone Colours first because I saw it on Design Mom and liked the look of it. I hadn't realised it had just nine pages and that the names of the colours are not the Pantone names nor do they match the Pantone charts. Not that this made any difference to my infant son, but still, it did seem a bit of a cod.
Howandsoever two years later, we still take it out regularly. Its lovely looking, for a start. Whatever colours they are, they certainly are easy on the eye. There isn't an author acknowledged on  the cover but the jacket tells me its designed by Meagan Bennett and the illustrations are by Helen Dardik. One thing I noticed first was that it taught that there is more than one yellow or red or green. But in fairness, I think my kids would have discovered that fact anyway. I suppose its really the pleasure and the interestingness of colour that it introduces.

But the best part is the names. They're so right! And evocative; daffodil yellow, lemon yellow, ribbon yellow, sticky note yellow and pineapple yellow. Ladybird red, fire engine red, beetroot red, stop sign red, ketchup red and pepperoni red. They remind me a bit of the names at the end of the paper covers on crayola crayons. They make the colours so much nicer, somehow.

I'd recommend this board book as a great baby gift that can be enjoyed by older siblings too. We all really like it. 

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