Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Stuff from Christmas that worked out: Learning Resources Mini Motors

We have had many beautiful toys in our house over the years. Hand crafted wooden stuff that looks so nice in the background in family photos but mostly gathered dust on shelves. I came to the conclusion that there was no denying it, my kids just love plastic. In particular, plastic toys that are held in deceptively oversized cardboard boxes with many, irritating wirey ties. Anyway before Christmas, in search of a compromise, I found these Learning Resources Mini Motors on were also on but they wouldn't post to Ireland, but would. Don't ask me why. Including postage the cost came to around €20.)

The practical tub contains seventy two little rubbery vehicles in five different pleasing colours. Happily, I can honestly say they are played with an awful lot. Maybe its because my fourth sons' brothers are at school and I actually have time to play with him (they were all born within two years of each other which meant "playing" was always done at the same time as ministering to a sibling. It is very difficult to make play doh people while breastfeeding.)

These are incredibly tactile, nicely made and can actually be used in lost of different ways. (I know that is said of lots of toys, but its rarely true.) We sort them, colour wise, and sit on the kitchen floor and arrange our cars,fire engines, airplanes, buses or boats in patterns. We buy and sell them in pretend shops and close our eyes and guess which one we are holding. The older boys join in because its hard not to.

They are just lovely and I have to restrain myself from counting them all the time, because it would really upset me if we lost any. So far, all seventy two are present and correct. Highly recommended. 

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