Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Its been a morning for cuddling on the couch with Alfie, who needs no introduction. Still a firm favourite, still as messy and curious and nice and lovable as ever.

We have Alfie Gets In FirstAlfie Gives A HandAlfies Feet, and Alfie and the Birthday Surprise. All great. Just looking at them now, I can see that Mums outfits, that once seemed so eighties are back in fashion. Look at her breton top, clog sandals and boyfriend jeans!

And Bernard's' Mums' yellow ballet pumps. 

They would have been real Boden shoppers, if there was a Boden  in 1983, wouldn't they?

There's always so much going on in each picture. I love it here, where we can predict what will happen next. Look, here comes Maureen!

And here, where Shirley Hughes seems to have started a still life with ketchup bottle in the bottom right hand corner and then didn't want to waste paper so used the rest of it to draw the family at the kitchen table. Not that it matters, everything extra on the page is a bonus.

Every time I look at pictures like this one though, I worry about Mums back, couldn't she have adjusted the handles on Annie Roses "push-chair"?

Anyway, we love Alfie.

P.s. Apologies for picture quality, all were taken in a hurry, as usual.

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