Saturday, 4 July 2015

The Happy Owls by Celestino Piatti

These are The Happy Owls.

This was first written in Holland in 1895 by Theo van Hoitema and then translated into German by Erwin Burckhardt in 1963 in Switzerland, where it was illustrated by Celestino Piatti. 

It's a great story and the illustrations...well, take a look.

The farm animals argue a lot. Argue and eat, and then argue again. What's up with those owls, they think? Why are they always so happy?

The peacock goes to ask them.

And one of the owls tries to explain.

As the seasons go by, he explains, they see the beauty in each one. Even the Winter, as they are so cosy then in their little home.

The farm animals are flummoxed. The seasons? Beauty? And they continue arguing and the owls continue being as happy as ever. 

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