Thursday, 18 December 2014

Gingerbread men and Charles Dickens

I've had no idea what to blog about for the past few days. My mind is a blank.
Howandsoever, I want to get to 10,000 page views by Christmas so here are a few pictures of me making gingerbread men with my kids. I used this recipe (I later realised it is actually for a gingerbread house, which explains why it made approximately one million biscuits.) It wasn't very complicated but you do get to see how much butter is involved, which is something I never like to know. They are tasty though, especially the ones I rolled very thin.

And then I read Laurie Grahams blog and thought it would be a nice idea to have some of them with a cup of tea and read A Christmas Carol. Our copy came free with a Sunday newspaper but This one is illustrated by P.J. Lynch and I want it. 

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