Thursday, 11 December 2014


Now I know this isn't a picture of a smencil, it's How The Grinch Stole Christmas, which is great too. I'm afraid I cant photograph the Smencils that Santa put in our stockings two years ago as those that are still on the go are in pencil cases in school as I type. 

They are on my mind though as yesterday, when I was helping with my sons maths homework I used one and said "Wow, this still smells really grapey!" and he told me that just earlier that day he had a queue of classmates by his school desk with their hands held open like Oliver, waiting to catch some of the shavings as he sharpened it. 

Never heard of them? Well, they are pencils with different sweety smells, made from newsprint soaked in something that makes the smell last forever. From a practical point of view they sharpen easily and the graphite never breaks. Stocking stuffers that are actually useful! There's a first. (Also, if you are ordering from and need to reach the £25 minimum to get free shipping to Ireland, these might fill the gap.)

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