Sunday, 28 December 2014

The Little Lamb by Judy Dunn and Pheobe Dunn

The Little Lamb came in a Christmas stocking along with The Little Duck, reviewed here. It is the story of when Emmy is asked by the owners of Wetherbee Farm to take care of a lamb. She names him Timothy. A sweet little story by itself, but with these photos, it becomes a masterpiece. (this book cost less than €4 by the way, which is wrong considering its beauty. But at least it is still in print. I'm trying to find copies of The Little Goat and The Little Pig, with no luck at all.)
Meeting Timothy.

His first bottle in the evening sunshine.

Dandelion chains, which he eats.

And sleeping in the laundry basket.

Off to a birthday party. I had a dress like this in blue.

Yes, he does pull over the table.

And it's time to rejoin the flock.

This book is literally bathed in quiet sunshine. Priceless.

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