Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Seven Uncles Come to Dinner by Marjorie Auerbach and The Walk by Bill Binzen

Most of the time, when I'm browsing online - its with a view to buy. But when I go to vintage kid's books my kid loves, its just to browse and enjoy. Then I realised that while a lot of the books are out of print and not available new, Abe Books sell millions of them second hand and sometimes very cheaply. So I can buy them too! The prices can start at two to three-ish euros but then shipping will be €7.95 or a bit more. Still, I've got some gems for somewhere between eight and twelve euros. Check this out.

Seen Uncles Come to Dinner by Marjorie Auerbach

Emile, who lives in Paris, has to go shopping for dinner for his seven uncles who, you've guessed it, are coming to dinner.

Its a beauty - amazing colours, great story and the detail in those prints are fantastic. I think my favourite picture is of all the uncles dangling shoes. And the winking cat.

My copy cost about $12 plus $20 more for my kind brother to post it to me from the States, but it was worth it. Two boys walk through early seventies New York to get a ride to a Summer Camp outside the city.

Discard! Isn't that crazy!

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