Monday, 20 January 2014

What was I Scared of? by Dr. Seuss

What was I Scared of? is the last story in The Sneetches and other stories and is one we have read quite a few times recently.

Its about a little Dr. Seuss creature who sees the terrifying sight of a pair of empty green trousers when he is out at night.

He has always been untroubled in the dark but now, these ghostly trousers appear everywhere. And understandably, they give him the willies.

But then, one evening, whilst picking a peck of snide, he sees that they are as scared of him, as he is of them. And they say "hi!" and make friends.

Completely daft and wonderful. 

P.s. I saw The Sneetches recommended on Dinner A Love Story. A great blog for kids books and recipes.

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