Thursday, 9 January 2014

Flora and Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo, illustrated by K.G. Campbell

I know graphic novels are great, and our shelves are certainly weighed down with them (they are also often on very heavy paper!) but I have to admit, I do like to see my kids also reading regular books. (Is it OK to say that - or am I offending graphic novelists? I really don't mean to.) I mean books that sometimes take a bit more time to read. 
I can't help noticing that one of my kids will put down a novel he is half way through, if a new graphic novel appears in the house. And that first book will then be forgotten forever. I've heard others say similar things, that their kids will only read the Wimpy Kid or Tom Gates series, refusing to try anything new.

So I thought this one could prove a stepping stone to something different. 

Flora and Ulysses is "illuminated" which is a lovely way of putting that some pages are graphic novely, some are all text and some are illustrated. 

An hour ago my eight year old arrived in from school (that's his glove propping it open), announced he had finished it and after some "gentle" probing said he would give it a ten out of ten.
As you can see, the pages with only text are short and manageable but at 231 pages, there's quite a lot to it. He has been reading it since December 28ish and I think sticking with it for that long is a high commendation.
 Also it really is a beautiful book.